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Whether you land that perfect job or not, our “best practices” approach ensures that each job search you conduct thereafter will breed success.

Measure what matters most in your search


Do you enjoy the freedoms you need to be truly successful? Are your co-workers supportive and competitive? Are you allowed to use the internet, listen to music, take a sanity day? What type of environment suits you best?


As humans, most of us strive to learn more and be forced to think, but we also want to be rewarded for it, so having the type of career that encourages learning, a free exchange of ideas, and some inherent risk is important. What’s most important to you?


Is it really the best use of your time to spend two or more hours of your day sitting on a freeway or in an airplane? Make sure you find a job that is close enough in proximity (20-40 minutes) for you to enjoy your arrival and departure each day without stress. How long a commute is too much?


Not everyone cares if they are promoted, but most of us like to at least know that opportunities do exist to improve our situation, learn more, or be recognized for the work we do. Are you getting the recognition you deserve?


To many, money serves as the perfect measurement of our hard work and success, but if you let it define you and your entire career you may wind up feeling a void at the end of the day. How much is enough for you when it comes to your job?


What good is $10,000 more per year if you might be out of work for a month or two? Be sure that when you choose your next career destination that the company you are joining has a good track record of employee tenure and solid financial legs. How important is it to you to know you’ll have job for a while?